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Trust the People is a movement of community builders committed to building a real democracy from the grassroots up. We aim to harness the power of community organising to help solve our most pressing challenges.

Our democracy is broken, our society unequal and our relationship with the natural world, fragile. Through community building, conflict resolution and participatory democracy, we know that we can create something better.

We believe that through taking agency in our own neighbourhoods, we can collectively create a society that meets the needs of all and leaves no one behind.

The movement was born in Extinction Rebellion's Future Democracy Hub, but it now extends far beyond, and works with other organisations across the UK also seeking to transform the world we live in, notably Flatpack Democracy and Climate Emergency Centres.

We run a free learning programme to support people to become community organisers, available to all, with around 1200 graduates so far;

As a result initiatives are taking off all over the country, from Climate Emergency Centres to Community Assemblies; we have a network of course graduates, community builders and supporters, talking and supporting each other around the UK (and beyond!);

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