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The Democracy Box

The Democracy Box is a non-partisan research and development project funded by Clwstwr. & came about because of Omidaze’s 2019 pilot Talking Shop.

It’s not about party politics.

It is about how we make sure EVERYONE understands the basics of our UK democracy.

It’s about how young people can creatively inform & engage ALL generations in our UK democracy.

Many Welsh and UK citizens, including teachers and educators do not have a sound basic understanding of the UK democracy and how local, devolved and Westminster Governments all fit together and why.

There should be No Shame & No Blame in not knowing this stuff.

A better understanding of the UK democratic systems and structures by a wider percentage of the population is required.

Omidaze have created The Story of our UK Democracy in 7 short chapters and we are using this to work with young co-creators aged 16-26 from across Wales to work out ways to make sure EVERYONE understands the basics of our UK Democracy.

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