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EFCL Vision: Vibrant Community Leagues, Vibrant City

EFCL Mission: Engage, develop, and connect Edmonton Community Leagues in building healthy neighbourhoods

Why: Planning and Design in Edmonton is about working with what we have today and continuously adapting and reimagining our built environment to meet the needs of two million people in the future. To begin with, it means we are going to grow and change in all areas of the city while stewarding the resources, places and stories we have inherited for future generations. We will be sensitive as we design and renew Edmonton’s urban form, density, image and identity. - The City Plan

How: The Community Planning Advisor provides insight and expertise from a community perspective when it comes to planning and development policy and practice in Edmonton. The committee is a key stakeholder in many initiatives brought forward by the City of Edmonton including the City Plan, the Safe Mobility Strategy, Zoning Bylaw Text Amendments, and others.

The Community Planning Advisor reviews city-wide policy and engage citizens and league leaders in their Districts to understand how policy proposals might impact their communities. Members advocate for community and city wide interests in the planning process to the EFCL Board of Directors, City Administration, and City Council.

The Planning and Development Committee provides critical input on planning and transportation matters of city-wide impact and supports leagues in building rich, engaging, inclusive and generous communities.

Commitment: EFCL is committed to achieving a fair and just transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions for all communities and workers. We are committed to supporting planning and development which ensures prosperity and economic security for all people in Edmonton. and we are committed to supporting infrastructure and industry in Edmonton that sustainably meets the challenges of the 21st century. We are committed to action, ensuring:

Clean air and water

Climate and community resilience

Healthy food

Affordable and accessible housing

Access to nature

A sustainable environment

Principles: Community Leagues and citizens have a right to be involved as a partners in Planning and Development processes in Edmonton. Participation must be based on mutually understood practices of consultation and engagement and Citizens should be invited to provide input on development that impacts their neighbourhood.

The Community Planning Advisor has a responsibility to attempt to engage with Community Leagues when taking positions with Edmonton City Council. The Committee and its members walk alongside and equip citizens and leagues to work together, make decisions, and take action to shape the physical and social infrastructure of our City. We do this by adhering to:

Foundations: used to focus and direct the work of the the Community Planning Advisor. The foundations fundamental to assisting Community Leagues in building and maintaining healthy neighbourhoods are:


Good Governance

Principles & Core Values | to assist in the creation of healthy, thriving neighbourhoods:

Good Urban Design

Safe Mobility

Complete Communities

Access to Green Space

Guiding Lenses | used to shape decision making and include:

Justice, Equality, Inclusion, and Dignity


Community Benefit

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