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I am a very small part of a group that set up early Covid days and has many informal volunteers who mobilise, when needed, to support people in the community, without judgement or favour with whatever their needs are. Currently my role in this group is very low key, I'm a coordinator for my local area. But joining this group helped me get so much more connected and involved in my local area. I'm beginning to help coordinate & organise to identify issues & ways to respond differently, nearby and in neighbouring areas. I have got more out of this than I have put in.

We want to see a much more connected place, where the things that matter to people & planet come first, are valued, are invested in so that they thrive. Personally I want the power and influence over these things to be driven from the humans who live, work and visit here. I want to see critical thinking and open radical candour and an end to closed doors, cliques and the rule of 'King Carpark'.

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