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About us

The Neighbourhood Democracy Movement exists to create a world where everyone can get involved in the life of their local community and everyone has the right to meet, make decisions and act together to make all their neighbourhood a better, more welcoming and beautiful places to live.

We believe everyone is equal and everyone has a unique contribution to make to the the life of community. We believe in democracy and our right and responsibility to work together with our fellow citizens. We believe in community, in the greater potential that exists when we act together with others, and the importance of all the diverse, small groups and neighbourhoods.

Formed in 2020 the Neighbour Democracy Movement is open to everyone. If you want to find out more about what Neighbourhood Democracy can mean then join us. By sharing our work together we can all help each other:

  • Find out about good things your community can do together
  • Create active and inclusive neighbourhoods
  • Challenge and change the system so our neighbourhoods have real power

We are led by local activists and community organisations and we are part of the global movement for equal citizenship Citizen Network.

Join our network.