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It’s Our City!

We have just run a resoundingly successful campaign - and the biggest ever in the country - to change the way our council works. Following the Sheffield-wide referendum that we forced under the Localism Act our council must now change from it’s undemocratic strong leader system where power is held in the hands of the chosen few - to more democratic modern committee governance where ALL our elected councillors will have the right to play a role in decision-making on behalf of their communities.


Our mission

It’s Our City! is a community-led network of citizens in Sheffield thinking, talking and working together on issues of common concern to us all. We seek to be an independent, positive and productive contributor to a vibrant local democracy, and for the well-being and resilience of our diverse communities. We ask for more from our elected representatives (Councillors and MPs), statutory authorities, and other managing and delivering services.

We know that active, informed citizens and communities are vital for a healthy local democracy. We include members of all political parties, but are mostly not in political parties – just ordinary Sheffield residents. We are committed to making common cause with each other, as neighbours and community members. We do not work on issues that harm or disrespect particular groups of people, in fact we respect, and will defend, the rights of communities that may face discrimination or marginalisation.

Our independence is vital to us – we do not seek to be ‘mobilised’ or ‘co-opted’ by political parties or party political groupings. We start with people’s concerns at a local level, listen to each other, share information and actively develop a common community voice and agendas, to work on together. We work on issues of practical concern and focus our activities to maximise impact


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