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T Mc K

Paragon Training is a training and consultancy company that develops custom made, challenging yet balanced development programmes in the private, public, not-for-profit, and voluntary sectors. Paragon Training exists, to provide exemplary bespoke services that builds relationships across teams, departments, and organisations. Our aim is “turning virtues into realities” by offering people the opportunity and expertise to develop their own ways of doing things to get closer to the results they want.

I am a consultant, participative facilitator, and a trainer. I have worked with a range of client groups and have over 30 years experience of working with people to be the change agents in their lives.

My approach fosters experiential learning concepts and is highly participatory. Participants learn most by active participation, ‘learning through doing’, exploring ideas, feelings and how the learning might be applied in practice. I value equity and is committed to working towards inclusion in the conception, design, delivery, and evaluation of all my training and consultancy services.

I strive to make my interventions relevant, participative, accessible, and to use a variety of dynamic and up-to-date methods, paying close attention to different learning preferences as a way of maximising the learning process. I view the group as a key learning resource; participants ’skills and experience are valued, acknowledged, and built upon.

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