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Frome Neighbourhood Network

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The Frome Neighbourhood Network exists to help build connected, caring and resilient communities in Frome at the street and neighbourhood level. We want to see flourishing neighbourhoods where people know and trust each other and actively co-operate to make things happen.

We help street groups to establish themselves across the town (there are now 100 streets signed up) and enable sharing of ideas and resources across the Network. We do this by arranging meet-ups for street ‘Networkers’ and sending out a regular newsletter with information and inspiring stories from the streets. This way, good ideas can spread across neighbourhoods.

The Network is responsive to the needs of the street communities. We work in partnership with Frome Town Council to offer workshop sessions such as: how to organise a street party or how to manage neighbourhood tensions and disputes.

As the Network evolves, we hope to see more people coming together to build strong, connected neighbourhoods for good times and when times are hard. And we want to reconnect people with decision making channels in Frome so that they can have their voices heard in decisions that affect them.

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