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Forest Voluntary Action Forum

Forest Voluntary Action Forum (FVAF) are the Volunteer Centre and Voluntary Service Council for the Forest of Dean. They assist many of the hundreds of voluntary and community groups in the District who in turn are better able to deliver their work with and for the local community. Much of their support is in the form of advice, guidance and information as well as a range of training provision. They also help to recruit over 1,000 volunteers each year to a variety of roles.

FVAF believe in the capabilities of communities and spend significant time brokering conversations between residents and decision makers and engaging in meaningful community co-production with an emphasis on supporting neighbourhoods to do what matters to them. Through embracing positive community action, FVAF supports citizens to develop the skills, resiliency, and social capital to live more cohesively with one another - the result of which leads to greater empowerment both individually and collectively in meeting health, wellbeing, and social needs.

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