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Post covid, we recognised the need to think and behave differently to build a stronger, more resilient community rooted in mutualism. We comprise Chorlton Connected (building links between individuals, streets and neighbourhoods), Cooperative Chorlton (supporting the high street through developing the local cooperative economy), Our Green Chorlton (protecting and sharing our green spaces), Our Streets Chorlton (improving our air and reducing traffic on our streets) and Our Creative Chorlton (using art and creativity to engage and shift behaviours)

Our community is struggling to come together with division around us, our group seeks to bring people together around common goals, we want our neighbourhood to thrive, be cleaner, greener, safer, more connected, healthier, more resilient. We want to influence those with power to work with us, to grow community spaces and hubs, to build bridges between our communities, our paid representatives and our services


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