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Event: Thriving and Resilient Communities - Neighbourhood Parliaments in Sheffield


Thu 6th October, 5:30pm
Showroom Cinema Cafe, 15 Paternoster Row, Sheffield City Centre S1 2BX
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How can you apply what's worked so well in the huge Indian Neighbourhood Parliaments movement to help your community thrive? Let's find out!

Hosted by A Fairer Society, in partnership with Neighbourhood Democracy Movement, Citizen Network and Festival of Debate

Are you and your neighbours trying to solve an important problem together?

Cost of living, energy hikes, climate, whatever it might be - we’d all be better off if we helped each other out.

But solving big problems together isn’t always easy!

Fortunately, people have figured out ways that work.

Joseph Rathinam has been helping neighbours help each other for thirty years in India and around the world. In Tamilnadu and Kerala, this neighbours-helping-neighbours approach has spread widely, to hundreds of thousands of neighbourhoods. People call it different things in different places (often in languages other than English) but it’s often called Neighbourhood Parliaments.

October the 6th Joseph will be in Sheffield, and he’d like to help you too. Joseph is coming around as part of a programme for bringing resources to people trying to help their neighbourhoods (and their neighbours).

He will be meeting people doing this work at Showroom Cinema Cafe in the evening of October 6th, from 5:30pm - 7:00pm. He'd like to meet you and find out about what you’re doing. If we see any way to help (by making suggestions or connecting you to resources) we will. In any case, Joseph will share what’s worked in other places.

Find out more and register here.